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Interstate 35 San Antonio Traffic

i-35 San Antonio Traffic ...

On page load traffic map is centered on i-35 in San Antonio at Cesar Chavez Blvd. ...
use elevation controls to zoom map ... see i-35 San Antonio News below ...

i-35 San Antonio News ...

i-35 San Antonio Map ...

Interstate 35 San Antonio Map
The Interstate 35 in San Antonio, abbreviated "i-35 San Antonio", is one of the major interstate highway routes and traffic corridors that travels thru the metro San Antonio region.

The i-35 travels thru the San Antonio region in generally a north-northeasterly by south-southwesterly direction.

Sections of the i-35 in San Antonio are also called/known as the "Panam Expressway", including the "North Panam Expressway" and the "South Panam Expressway".

The map above shows the i-35 in San Antonio (highlighted in pink) and where the i-35 travels through the metro San Antonio area.

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